Support Wormwood's new play, Root Baby, by advertising in the playbill

When you advertise in a Wormwood playbill, not only are you showing support for some of the coolest influencers in Colorado, you're also demonstrating your company's love for the Denver arts and culture scene.

Choose the plan that fits your needs, download the hyperlinked form, and email any specifications to Then, see your company's ad included in playbills for May 2019's production of Root Baby -- A play with a drinking game and a rock band. 


You’re a Tree, Congrats! Plan  - This plan includes a Full Page Ad in a premium location  (Front Inside Cover, Back Inside Cover, or Back Cover). Size 7.5”h x 4.5”w ($150)

 Full Blown ROOT, baby! Plan --This plan includes a Full Page Ad. Size 7.5”h x 4.5”w  ($125)   

Sapling Plan -- This plan includes a 1/2 Page Ad. Size 3.625”h x 4.5”w ($100)

Sprout Plan -- This plan includes a ¼ Page Card Sized Ad. Size 3.625" h x 2.125" w.  ($75)

Seed Plan --This plan includes a Business Card Sized Ad. Size 1.75" h x 2.125" w ($50)