Coming Out of Hibernation

Into its seventh month of existence as a company, Wormwood has created and produced three brand spanking new plays. No small feat. We're pretty proud.

Of course, those three plays were created in the first three months of Wormwood's existence so, what's the deal? Where have you been? What are you planning? WHY THE SILENCE?

We've, bear-like, been hibernating. I say this literally*. Our summer was spent gorging ourselves on fish, berries, and beer, and we've been asleep ever since.

Now, however, the scent of spring is in the air and we've begun to rouse; dusting snow off our sleepy eyelids, our tummies crying out for sustenance, and our bear-feet pacing the den back and forth in anticipation of new life.

For, you see, Wormwood is coming back with more Tunes, Brews, & Wormwood. We'll be playing three new shows in March, April, and May. Additionally, we are planning our FIRST BIG FULL LENGTH SHOW! This show won't take place until next December, most likely-- as it's BIG and FULL LENGTH it requires more time to produce-- so you'll just have to deal. Tough, I know.

While we were sleeping, I hope you know, our dreams were full of love for you-- our patrons and supporters. Not a day goes by that we don't thank our lucky stars to be so surrounded by wonderful community. 


*OF COURSE we weren't literally sleeping. We were planning. Like, a lot.