Just Starting Out

Graduation, Backpacking trip, Whirlwind. Since graduating from Harvard University's Institute for Advanced Theatre Training a few weeks ago, life has gone in fast motion. Amanda joined me here in Colorado. We live with my dad in one of the trendiest places in the city; pretty people in astoundingly high heels parade past our front door in various states of drunkenness at all hours of the day and night. We've been working non-stop on this little theatre of ours. We have morning meetings in which, over coffee we design posters and write marketing materials. At lunch, we meet with bankers and financial planners. At dinner, we see shows and network with the already thriving arts community here in Denver. Sometimes we hike to work, perching ourselves on rocks and by rivers to lay out rehearsal schedules and discuss our devising process. All this planning makes the anticipation beginning to work, to do our art, grow like a monster in our chests ready to burst out at any second. Building this business makes the art of the endeavor seem all the more precious and exciting. Our first rehearsal is a week and a half away, and in the meantime, I'm champing at the bit-- a racehorse in the starting gate-- impatiently waiting for the art to begin. --Tessa