Coming Out of Hibernation

Into its seventh month of existence as a company, Wormwood has created and produced three brand spanking new plays. No small feat. We're pretty proud.

Of course, those three plays were created in the first three months of Wormwood's existence so, what's the deal? Where have you been? What are you planning? WHY THE SILENCE?

We've, bear-like, been hibernating. I say this literally*. Our summer was spent gorging ourselves on fish, berries, and beer, and we've been asleep ever since.

Now, however, the scent of spring is in the air and we've begun to rouse; dusting snow off our sleepy eyelids, our tummies crying out for sustenance, and our bear-feet pacing the den back and forth in anticipation of new life.

For, you see, Wormwood is coming back with more Tunes, Brews, & Wormwood. We'll be playing three new shows in March, April, and May. Additionally, we are planning our FIRST BIG FULL LENGTH SHOW! This show won't take place until next December, most likely-- as it's BIG and FULL LENGTH it requires more time to produce-- so you'll just have to deal. Tough, I know.

While we were sleeping, I hope you know, our dreams were full of love for you-- our patrons and supporters. Not a day goes by that we don't thank our lucky stars to be so surrounded by wonderful community. 


*OF COURSE we weren't literally sleeping. We were planning. Like, a lot.



We Made A Thing!

On July 29th & 30th, we saw our first show come to life – Tunes, Brews & Wormwood #1. The Tunes: The Dollhouse Thieves. The Brews: Diebolt Brewing. The Wormwood: That’s us. 

It was the first show of our theatre-band collaboration series, where we pair up with Denver bands every month and devise a show around their original music, performing at different local breweries.

We do this because we’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s something we’d want to go to. Additionally, we believe our craft could benefit from being more collaborative and community-based, inviting theatregoers and non-theatregoers alike into non-traditional, non-exclusive theatre spaces. “Site-inspired” theatre is also a fantastic challenge, as a story transforms in conversation with a unique setting. As for the choice of “tunes & brews,” we’re aware that people like music & beer, and we get to support the local musicians and craft brewers we love.

I’m speaking as Amanda here, and on a personal level the reception of Tunes, Brews & Wormwood #1 was, frankly, moving. Yes, it was a fun show in the taproom of a brewery, but it did contain an emotional message, and the amount of people laughing and then crying was something quite special to experience as a theatre-maker. After the show, several audience members approached us to admit they initially weren’t excited when they learned they were going to a theatre performance (they came with friends, or to support cast members), but were pleasantly surprised to encounter an interactive story involving music and drinking. One patron explained, “you’ve changed my perception of theatre – I was a TV-film guy, but now I get the point of coming out to a thing – you’ve got me hooked,” which was potentially more meaningful to me than anything else that night. The idea here, at least for me, is that theatre shouldn’t be for one type of person, it should be communal, available, and offer something that TV and film can’t – it has to go beyond the proscenium model, it has to capitalize on whatever makes it different from other media. For us, that’s the utilization of physical space, collaboration with artists in the community, and the introduction of interactive elements into our shows. If we’re making something that’s attracting a diverse audience and inspiring skeptics to believe that our art is a worthwhile and distinct craft in society, I think we’re doing a good thing.

My main hope is that we can continue to do this work, and while I have faith in our abilities, I also know it is not an easy feat. Vaguely exhausted but mostly excited, we’re already heading into rehearsals for Tunes, Brews, & Wormwood #2. The Tunes: Open to the Hound. The Brews: Strange Craft Beer Co. The Wormwood? Still us, pressing on.

-- Amanda Faye Martin



Just Starting Out

Graduation, Backpacking trip, Whirlwind. Since graduating from Harvard University's Institute for Advanced Theatre Training a few weeks ago, life has gone in fast motion. Amanda joined me here in Colorado. We live with my dad in one of the trendiest places in the city; pretty people in astoundingly high heels parade past our front door in various states of drunkenness at all hours of the day and night. We've been working non-stop on this little theatre of ours. We have morning meetings in which, over coffee we design posters and write marketing materials. At lunch, we meet with bankers and financial planners. At dinner, we see shows and network with the already thriving arts community here in Denver. Sometimes we hike to work, perching ourselves on rocks and by rivers to lay out rehearsal schedules and discuss our devising process. All this planning makes the anticipation beginning to work, to do our art, grow like a monster in our chests ready to burst out at any second. Building this business makes the art of the endeavor seem all the more precious and exciting. Our first rehearsal is a week and a half away, and in the meantime, I'm champing at the bit-- a racehorse in the starting gate-- impatiently waiting for the art to begin. --Tessa